We do many different projects with sublimation. Sublimation produces bright full color prints on specially coated items. We have perfected our process and can do so many items. Just a few samples are travel mugs, blankets, cornhole bags, polyester squares for quilting, keychains, bags and so on. Apparel can only be sublimated if its very light colored or white. We do however do bleaching of certain apparel and then sublimate on that. It’s a really cool effect. We can take full color good quality photos and put them on anything that can be sublimated. We can also do any designs you may be looking for. There are many products for weddings that are amazing that we will be offering very soon so check back often.

  • We specialize in travel mugs, polyester apparel, keychains, custom cornhole bags, blankets and wedding items.

You can see some blanks as well as some completed items here.